Status of the Armory API. If its down, character gear and PvP Ladders won't be displayed. Also all raid log synchronization is paused.

Api is up and running

All star score calculator

Calculates the weekly all star score


Arena ladder character importer

Imports the arena characters into the database

schedule Ran 2 days ago

schedule Next run in 20 hours

Character updater

Updates your character race, name, faction, guild, achievement points and honorable kills


Guild updater

Imports characters that are inside your guild into the database


Raid log updater

Collects the raid log data


Raid log collector

Collects all the raid logs to import and process by the raid log collector

schedule Ran 3 minutes ago

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Guild information updater

Updates the guild GM, emblem, name and faction

schedule Ran 22 hours ago

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schedule Ran 9 minutes ago

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